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RealDraw Pro 5.2

Real-DRAW is a 3D vector graphics editor full of features
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Real-DRAW is a vector graphics editor. It's capable of creating vector images with 3D features such as lights and natural paint. Using this program you will be able to customize any image stored in your drives adding colors, textures, text boxes, lights, transparencies, bevels, shadows and effects. You will be able to save the images as projects that you can modify later, using the proprietary RDW format, or as finished images, in JPG, BMP or PNG formats. Real-Draw comes with an HTML-Slicer feature. This tool, similar to the one provided by Adobe Photoshop or Macromedia Fireworks, lets you divide an image into slices. Those slices, when used in web pages, will load faster than complete images. Real-Draw will generate the slices and the HTML code to join them in a web page. You will be able to apply any of the several NPR (Non-Photo Realistic) styles to any component of your image. This way you can choose between a lot of different looks for your work, and combine them. The program also allows you to print your finished work, in several modes.

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